Arena Rules

1.      Please be considerate with the use and booking of the arenas, especially in winter when

         they are in high demand and the rest of the grounds are closed.


2.      Please cancel your booking as soon as possible as there may be others waiting in line to use

         for a lesson.   Arena 1 is bookable.


3.      Lunging is only permitted in the lunging arena. 


4.       Arena 2 is split into two parts both bookable. On the web site shown as 2a and 2b. 2a is the one

         closest to the pens.


5.      Jumps may be left up in 2b but must be moved regularly to avoid making holes on takeoff and

         landing spots.


6.      All jumps in 2a must be put away neatly after use.


7.      Arena 3 is not bookable and any jumps must be put away neatly after use.


8.     When jumping there must be one other person present.


9.      All horse droppings must be picked up.


10.     A flat charge of $5 per hour or part thereof, no matter the number of horses, is to be paid

          into post box in the corner of arena 2 by the pavilion.


11.     Arenas must be booked for any lesson or if the rider requires exclusive use of any arena.


12.     If arena is not booked and it is needed for an unplanned lesson or jumping then it may be

         used provided that no one is using it at the time and that payment is made promptly.


13.     Approved hard hats to be worn at all times.


14.     No riding in halters permitted.


15.     Courses must be approved and booked through the Pony Club Committee.


16.     Coffee cups, glasses, etc are to be returned to the kitchen.